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Customer Testimonials

By: Jeannette

My husband and I have just completed a PCS move and unfortunately our bed did not survive the move. So, we needed to go out and find a replacement. We struck out at several "national" brand stores as they didn't even have what we wanted. I did a little research and discovered on their website that they did have the styles of the bed that I was looking for so we went and checked it out. Alex, the Sales Manager, was great! He showed me what he had in the store as floor samples and then sat me down with the catalogs and let me look at my own pace. The store had way more to offer than I got a chance to see and it was well put together and well lit. We need to replace our sofa and Powell's will be my first and only stop. Thank you so much for outstanding service.

By: Mack

Shopping for furniture isn't my favorite activity. Why? Because we visited the Fredericksburg furniture store circuit and encountered the frantic/stressful environment at the sinking ship called RoomStore; the pompous salesman at Trivett's who wouldn't listen to our criteria and seemed more interested in his computer screen than customer service; the stark showroom at Sofa Outlet featuring a pungent odor at the door that would trump any landfill aroma; and the incompetent handler at La-Z-Boy who didn't know the product and seemed more nervous than helpful. Time is precious, and sometimes I wonder if the inflated prices of new furniture truly reflect the quality represented ... but I digress. THERE IS HOPE! Enter Powell's Furniture: enjoy the warm and sincere greeting at the door; feast your eyes on the tremendous selection; notice that a blood sucking "attendant" has not affixed itself to your jugular - you are free to move around at your own pace and spend time looking at furniture that interests you; and be aware of the prices which are very competitive. When my family and I were ready for help, David Richardson contributed key information regarding manufacturing processes coupled with sage perspectives gleaned from many years in this industry. David was a true professional and he earned my business. Looking back on my experience at Powell's, I believe I was treated fairly and made a wise purchase. So, take heart fellow consumers! Shopping for furniture can actually prove to be a satisfying prospect with David at Powell's!

By: Arlene

Shopping for a couch for the past two weeks, we stopped in Roomstore which was going out of business and it seemed they jacked the prices up... Our next stop was trivetts, didn't see much. Next stop was regency and had the sales rep hound us the entire visit very uncomfortable. We then visited lazy-boy I have no complaints on there service or sales rep, we are actually purchasing a recliner chair from them. We also visited basset which was sad to find out that they do not offer warrenty on there clearance items... we also learned that all furniture stores we visited would let you purchase a clearance item and take it home ASAP, but didn't offer the same service for there other items at regular price we would have to wait 4-6 weeks for delivery... We lastly visited Powells Furniture and I have to say we had a great experience; sales rep Alex was extremely courteous to our needs and not overbearing, let us have time to look around on our own, wasn't pushy to try and make us buy something just because...he was willing to assist in more than one way..we were even offered a loaner couch if we decided to purchase a set that we needed to wait a couple of weeks for delivery, we actualy found a couch that we loved and was able to pick it up the very next day at our convenience -At a very reasonable price- Excelllent customer service! I highly recommend checking them out on your next furniture purchase.

By: Kyle

Purchased a guest bedroom set and a new bed for my son. Met Alex the manager at Powell's and he showed my wife and I a number of sets. Alex was very personable and let us look around without hassle and make a decision on what we wanted to purchase. One piece of furniture for my son's bed was not available and we received a prompt phone call from Powell's and the options available to us. The furniture arrived when promised and was set up in almost military fashion by Dustin Duff and Brad Lane (highly recommend these two, very nice, very professional, and no scratches on any of the furniture!)

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